Be careful on the stairs – please don’t run – broken noses are no fun.
No sleeping in the bathtub.
If you eat it – you have to chew it.
If you drink it – you have to swallow it.
No eating or drinking on the sofa.
No tooting in bed.
If you catch it – wear it.
If you drop it – step on it.
Put wet towels and wash cloths in the basket in Jan’s room. THANK YOU!
If it itches – scratch it – or ask some monkey to do it for you.
If you catch a bad mood – leave it on the front porch.
No barefoot slipping & sliding – someone found a splinter in the house last year and it got stuck in their toe. OUCH!!!
We don’t save used gum – please put it in the trash. THANK YOU!
No yawning in front of the TV – it scares those little people in there.
If you blow your nose on it – put it in the trash – not on the table, not on the floor, not in your pocket and DEFINITELY
not in my pocket – yuck!
No jumping off the porch or the steps – a hot glue gun doesn’t work very well on broken bones.
Try to keep track of your stuff – ‘cause if YOUR stuff get mixed up with MY stuff – I might think that your stuff IS my stuff – and then you might think you lost your stuff – and I might not know that some of MY stuff is really YOUR stuff – and you’ll be upset ‘cause you can’t find your STUFF – ‘cause YOU didn’t keep track of your stuff. GET IT???
If you spill it – it’s ok – just wipe it up or ask someone to help you wipe it up. We’re all in this together!!
Don’t forget to turn the Game Boy off when you quit playing with him. He gets tired – might start to snore – and then you can’t wake him up to play.
Candy wrappers on the floor are dangerous to our health – someone could trip or slip on them and break something – like a nose, an elbow, or a belly button. Please put wrappers in the trash where they can’t hurt anybody or body parts. THANK YOU!
If you sing opera – please do it in the shower – with the curtain closed.
Smiling is a yes – frowning is a no. You can’t have fun when your lips hang low.
Enjoy yourself, giggle a lot, hang loose, chill, float your boat, cool your jets, dance a jig, flip your wig, sing a ditty, pet a kitty, blow a bubble, stay out of trouble! OK? OK!
No bruping – no slurping – only chirping.
No creeping – no peeping – no leaping from high places.
OO EE OO AH AH, ting, tang, walla walla bing bang.
Keep your drawers out of my drawers and don’t leave home without them.
If you need a hand – take mine – but, if I happen to need mine – take somebody elses.
Honk if you like Mardi Gras.
Don’t you buy no ugly truck.
No snitchin’ in the kitchen.
Skip, skip, skip to my Lou.
When you use it – flush it.
You may wiggle when you giggle. It’s OK – Really!
We don’t waste food in this neighborhood.
Try to be polite – especially at night.
If you sprinkle when you tinkle – be a sweetie, wipe the seatie.
No snoring after midnight – it might scare the neighbors.
Do wa ditty, ditty dum ditty do.
No parking in the bathroom.
Don’t let the cat out of the bag.
If you must scream do it quietly – or put your face in a pillow. THANK YOU!
If you go to a parade – bring home cotton candy. THANK YOU!
Don’t mess with my toot toot!
God made dirt – dirt don’t hurt – But please leave as much outside as you can.
If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.