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care enough about yourself to make room for it in your life." ~ Jean S. Bolen

These are just a few of the Diamond Paintings I've completed. Click on this link to see more.

5 Reasons Why Diamond Painting Is Great For Your Health

How To Diamond Paint

Step-By-Step Instructions to Diamond Painting

How to Do Diamond Painting

Top 10 Tips for Diamond Painting

Diamond Painting TIPS

A Big THANKS to all the YouTubers, Facebook Groups & all other resources that have taught me so much about this wonderful craft.
I want to extend a Special Thank YOU to Rhonda Lamey (a Louisiana Diamond Painter)
for allowing me to include her Drill Checklist By DMC .pdf on my webpage.
Thanks for your generosity Rhonda. I appreciate all the hard work it took to create this file
and look forward to using it.

Drill Checklist By DMC.pdf

Diamond Painting Log.pdf

New Chart Symbols.pdf

Chart Symbols.pdf

More Diamond Painting TIPS

The most important things that I consider when shopping for Diamond Paintings:

1. Size of the canvas.
If the picture has lots of small details I try to choose a 30cm X 40cm or maybe
40cm X 50cm. Some people like to go bigger, but this is my comfort zone.
If its just a simple image, like a flower or a cat without much detail,
then I will go smaller like 25cm X 30cm or 30cm X 30cm.

2. Full or Partial picture
Full means the entire canvas is covered with diamonds.
Partial means that just a portion of the canvas is covered with diamonds.

3. Round or Square Diamonds
I personally prefer Round Diamonds.
They are easier to place on the canvas and I have found that I have less problems with bad diamonds.
On the other hand, some prefer Square Diamonds. They feel that square gives better coverage.
To each her own.

4. The price is important to me. I want to get the most bang for my buck,
so I tend to shop around. Amazon, Ali Express and CESDeals seem to have the lowest prices.

This is a short list of a few sites that sell Diamond Paintings.

Diamond Art Club - (Best Quality)

Leisure Arts/Diamond Dotz - (Very Good Quality)

AliExpress (Biggest Selection)

CESDeals - (Formerly New Frog) (Best Prices)

Amazon (Sometimes Fastest Delivery)

Stitch Diamond (Best Customs)


Easy Whim

Spare Diamonds

Sometimes you might be short of a certain color or colors of diamonds.
The first thing I do after I do inventory of the diamonds is to contact
the seller if diamonds are missing. If they agree to send the missing diamonds
it usually takes forever (4 to 6 Wks.) If you don't want to wait,
contact your family of diamond painters. We save the leftovers and
might have some of the colors you need.
The other option is to purchase what you need from a company in the USA.
Below is a list of a few sellers. You can usually get your diamonds within a week.


Carol's Creations

Easy Whim

Diamond Drills USA

Last Updated: 4/29/2019