NOTE: You don't have to limit yourself to creating ATCs for JAMS and SWAPS.
Let your imagination and creativity soar and allow yourself to create some ATCs just because it's fun,
or it feels good, or you have something to say. Then, you will have a stash of cards that someday
you might want to trade with other ATC artists.

The only hard and fast rule is that the finished card must measure 2.5" x 3.5".
You should also sign and date the back of the card and list the title of the piece.

TRADE Don't forget to take pictures of your ATCs before you set them free.

JAM = Just Add More SWAP June did a survey of other ATC artists and it has come to our attention that
Your cards can be all the same, 1 of a kind, 2 of a kind, 3 of a kind, or whatever
combination you can think of. However the ATC Spirit moves you, is where you should go.
So, hang loose, get creative, HAVE FUN! - and Have A Margarita if you want one!!!
  • A SWAP can include as many people as the host decides

  • Anyone can host a SWAP

  • A SWAP usually has a theme. This is decided by the host and can include other rules.
    (e.g.) The theme could be Christmas - the rule could be that the cards have to be done in blue -
    and/or have to include shoes.

  • The host sets the date that the cards are due to be delivered to her.

  • Everyone creates as many cards as there are participants.

  • Once cards are delivered to the host - they divide and distribute the cards to the participants.
    That is the end of the SWAP.

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    Last update: 4/19/2009